I Believed. I Trust and I Love.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I as a Chaperone...

Municipality of Victoria
            Victoria Food Court                                     

I love this couple,Sammy is my cousin and Sarah is my former classmate way back elementary,well thanks to my couz for courting her because i had a chance to see her again.All i remembered that day was  hmmm... syempre i was late in our meeting place he he.
Though we're not close that much,nag-enjoy padin kaming tatlo lalo na nung naguguluhan kami kung san kami bibili ng makakain.I think it took us 30 minutes before we had our meryenda.

No matter where the road leads the both of you, i hope and pray that you make each other happy. Because both of you are now important to me.=)

    As you travel through life,
    your dreams will guide you,
     determination will get you there,
   and love will provide the greatest scenery of all.

                                                                  - Michelle C. Ustaszeski –

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Look on the Brigther Side.

After typhoon "Pedring and Quiel" we experienced severe floods,our lives put in danger,in some places,they need to be evacuated in a safer place and most of them lost their houses.Hindi ko rin mapigilang manghinayang everytime i see the rice fields here in our province,because almost half of it was ruined by the typhoon.To our industrious farmers,they lost not just their supposed profit but also the HOPE on how to start again.

                      "Let us always look on the brighter side". Be like a flower and live as simple as it be.
                                                                 Rain or shine life must go on.

Actually i took these pictures after the typhoon,and i am really amazed because no matter how big the rain drops and no matter how strong the wind,still namulaklak padin ang mga ito.=)