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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July Wanderlast: Ancient City

                                 K E E P    PE DA L I N G

       From BTS ekamai we took a taxi and we just arrived here in a maximum time of 30-40 minutes.In this place  called " Ancient City " a map is a must to keep.  

There are three kinds of transpo that you can choose, an open window bus ( free), a golf  cart with extra charge and a bicycle ( free). Obiously, I grabbed the bicyle  ^-^

We roamed around.
 Amazed with the place.
 Ate in the floating market. 
 Exhausted and lost.
 Took some photos together with my buddy Ann,
 You can also vist her blog @itsbeyondimaginations.blogspot.com =)

                                                                         The effect of sunlight.

   Life is all about balance. It's something that you have to create.

carpe diem

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Semi Monochrome.

One Lovely Day!
A calm weather and a good location is a must.
At the back of my mind a voice telling me that i should do this. ( wink )

That's why...
I mix and match my clothes
I blow dry my hair
Put a little make up especially to my eyebrows
Oooops, of course with my red lippy. ( grin smile )
Then i grab my fave cap.
Voila! It turned out like this. =)

                                                       It's a wrap! A credit to my co-teacher  (stolen shot).

                                                                        Carpe Diem 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Where Am I Right Now?!...

Oh, what a vivid memory. 
Even I close my eyes I can see it clearly.
I can tell you a story.
But please listen carefully.

Way back in my younger years.
I played with my peers.
We played in the rain.
And my happiness had gain.

I got stinky and dirty.
But my mom still love me dearly.
I got bruises and cry.
But at the end of the day i learned how to smile.

Years later,
I met another peers and even haters.
Life is getting a bit difficult now.
People will either praise or insult you somehow.

I did silly things.
And another silly things.
I act stupid.
Like Mr. Cupid.

Falling In love,
Finally, I recognized it.
Best feeling ever! A lot of people say it.
Yes, it's true and it's hard to explain.
But when you get broken, it double the pain.

There are times for a sleepless nights.
There are times that I want to give up.
And if I did that...

                                                                             - FelixD'Kat

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Blue Summer.

        Few days before the holiday get started I had this "envy" feeling that makes me eager to go on a beach. You know the feeling that every time i open my lappy all I can see was their fun photos under the sun. I am not that kind of girl who go on a beach to wear the best swimsuit, Actually, I did it once but since then i change my perception about summer and beach. Or go for a swim and do sunbathing just to make my skin become tan, believe me it's a big No No for me. ha ha ha 
 I have realized that instead of doing those it is much better to take time to feel the sand while walking, take time to enjoy the place and capture it with your own lens. So, here I am with the white fine sand of Hua Hin Beach.  

                                                  One thing I love in this place was the horseback riding.

                                                           And with my undying model wanna be.. ^-^

                                                                                Carpe Diem

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wanderlust: Ilocos Invader

Alright, the family had decided to have an outing  and the first plan was only in Baler Quezon but the day before our trip everyone's agreed to go straight in " Ilocos beeeybe "  twelve hours drive was worth it.

                                                    W E L C O M E   TO   S U R  -  N O R T E

                  I've asked the family to stop for a moment and take a picture. ^-^ 


                                                                           A Busy Srtreet 
                                                              K A L Y E    C R I S O L O G O

                                                                      Sweet lullaby " kalesa "


                                                                       P A G U G U D P O D

                                                                  Trying to do our best post.

                                                                       W I N D M I L L S

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Love me OR Love me Harder...

Love is the reason why we woke up everyday with smile that sometimes lasted for the whole day..oooh i still remember those moments.

Love is the best antidote  in every struggles that we face each day.

Love changes our mood even how unlucky we are.

Love makes us believe that you can do everything even the impossible one.

Love glows our AURA that everyone around us can notice.

Love can turn our perceptions into different ways even to the point that we sound nonsense at all.

Love will freeze our world and we don't even care with time but the feeling we've shared in  that moment.

Love can boost our energy when it comes to our love ones.

B U T    W H Y...

Why all of these will end up so soon?  ( you're not meant to be period, just be grateful believe me! )

Why do we let it to happened if in the first place it will hurt us also: even the worst feelings that we don't even imagine. Then it will ended up asking why me?  I don't deserve this! This is so unfair!

Even how many times we get hurt from the past. Why we're still willing to open our heart and try it over again?

Well, I guess it's human nature, as simple as that. And the fact is you can't resist once you encounter it. You just need to learn how to manage your feelings and ask for help from your frontal lobe and seek some advices from your family and friends using their own connections. Surely it will help. ^-^

 O R   L E T S   F I N D   I T   T H I S   W A Y...

         It just like you're finding out which food will not cause  some allergy to your body. Of course at first there's an hesitation but you need to try everything for you to find out which food that you can eat and which is not.There are so many times that you got drooled in that certain food but you have no choice but to drop it and feel disappointed. And even though it's ok to eat sometimes your taste buds doesn't want it. Remember, they might look good but not delicious. Same on how hard to find the right person without any doubt that it will not cause an allergic reaction in your relationship, a person who can stay for the rest of your life and even eternity. Definitely it takes time, I do agree with that  or  maybe it's my choice and my standards... So, cheer up to me it's not the end of the world though. 

If i have learned something,  " do not weep for the unworthy person " .