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Sunday, September 25, 2011

So what's next...

In my past ten years,i felt empty i still wanted to do more but it doesn't mean that i am going to change myself or to create a new me.Actually i am happy for who i am and contented for what i have right now. And blessed for having a wonderful family.

I do love my precious friends and i don't have any regrets that i met you guys in that past ten years. Thank you FB  for staying us connected.=)

                              High School friends,enough to say that i still have you until now.

College friends, remembering the days when we seriously reviewing just to pass our exams.

Mother earth and I first trip =)

My ex-colleagues, i became a little bit matured when i got my first job.

Church mates from lagro ward and my home ward victoria.

Way back 2001, 4 years in High School was the most enjoyable days of my life, then after i graduated kinailangan kong huminto ng isang taon because of financial problem. But when i enrolled for college i became more serious and i keep telling to myself that i only have 4 years to have that "Golden Diploma" at that time that's the only thing that i wanted..Then here comes 2010 i graduated just in time,am so happy of course! and excited to have that diploma. But it took 1 year bago ko nakuha. After graduation i took the the Local Board Exam last December but unfortunately i did not make it, in short i failed. I cried and i don't even want to go outside and that's the most depressed time in my life. Since then i told to myself that i don't wanna take that exam again, nakakatrauma kaya!.To overcome my depression i went to BKK (thanks to my sister venus and razi), for a 1 month vacation after that i got a summer job as a CC agent and it works nakalimutan ko kahit papaano. There is one thing that i've learned,"failures motivates us to do something better". =)

Yes, it proves that you are educated and you passed any degree but it is not enough to satisfy ourselves. We still need to do more efforts to become successful..

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20,2011

  In some point of my life there's a time that i easily get  irritated with so many things especially when some people repeatedly telling me what am i going to do. And sometimes i get angry with stupid persons that i met then in the end we unexpectedly became close friends or even when heartaches strikes me to move on ( the reason was,they can't stand my standards..silly to think but it's true ). And as much as possible i don't want any failures because i hate the feeling of being depressed.

    If one of  these things happens to me the only place that i seek is OUR ROOM. Eversince naman hndi pa ako ngkaroon ng sariling kwarto e. Lagi akong nakikisingit, he he.  But it's ok! it's no big deal to me.=)

The most important thing inside the room is when you have a perfect bed

                             But in reality this is our new room together with my sister Venus! =)

Though it is a small room i can still do whatever i want.Thanks to LT, portable dvd, and mp3 with speaker. Because of these things  it is possible to me to stay longer inside this room than to go to SM aka. "SILONG NG MANGGA"

Monday, September 19, 2011

Unang Salta. :(

whooow! seriously, i really don't know how to start this and what would be my first post.I just wanna say sorry for not posting anything since i create this blog.I'm a new user and i am still familiarizing of this new account. he he

But don't worry i will post here ASAP! =)