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Sunday, September 25, 2011

So what's next...

In my past ten years,i felt empty i still wanted to do more but it doesn't mean that i am going to change myself or to create a new me.Actually i am happy for who i am and contented for what i have right now. And blessed for having a wonderful family.

I do love my precious friends and i don't have any regrets that i met you guys in that past ten years. Thank you FB  for staying us connected.=)

                              High School friends,enough to say that i still have you until now.

College friends, remembering the days when we seriously reviewing just to pass our exams.

Mother earth and I first trip =)

My ex-colleagues, i became a little bit matured when i got my first job.

Church mates from lagro ward and my home ward victoria.

Way back 2001, 4 years in High School was the most enjoyable days of my life, then after i graduated kinailangan kong huminto ng isang taon because of financial problem. But when i enrolled for college i became more serious and i keep telling to myself that i only have 4 years to have that "Golden Diploma" at that time that's the only thing that i wanted..Then here comes 2010 i graduated just in time,am so happy of course! and excited to have that diploma. But it took 1 year bago ko nakuha. After graduation i took the the Local Board Exam last December but unfortunately i did not make it, in short i failed. I cried and i don't even want to go outside and that's the most depressed time in my life. Since then i told to myself that i don't wanna take that exam again, nakakatrauma kaya!.To overcome my depression i went to BKK (thanks to my sister venus and razi), for a 1 month vacation after that i got a summer job as a CC agent and it works nakalimutan ko kahit papaano. There is one thing that i've learned,"failures motivates us to do something better". =)

Yes, it proves that you are educated and you passed any degree but it is not enough to satisfy ourselves. We still need to do more efforts to become successful..

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