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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20,2011

  In some point of my life there's a time that i easily get  irritated with so many things especially when some people repeatedly telling me what am i going to do. And sometimes i get angry with stupid persons that i met then in the end we unexpectedly became close friends or even when heartaches strikes me to move on ( the reason was,they can't stand my standards..silly to think but it's true ). And as much as possible i don't want any failures because i hate the feeling of being depressed.

    If one of  these things happens to me the only place that i seek is OUR ROOM. Eversince naman hndi pa ako ngkaroon ng sariling kwarto e. Lagi akong nakikisingit, he he.  But it's ok! it's no big deal to me.=)

The most important thing inside the room is when you have a perfect bed

                             But in reality this is our new room together with my sister Venus! =)

Though it is a small room i can still do whatever i want.Thanks to LT, portable dvd, and mp3 with speaker. Because of these things  it is possible to me to stay longer inside this room than to go to SM aka. "SILONG NG MANGGA"


  1. abai wala nmn prob sa blog mo ehh ayus naman ah ang arte ahh