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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wanderlust: Ilocos Invader

Alright, the family had decided to have an outing  and the first plan was only in Baler Quezon but the day before our trip everyone's agreed to go straight in " Ilocos beeeybe "  twelve hours drive was worth it.

                                                    W E L C O M E   TO   S U R  -  N O R T E

                  I've asked the family to stop for a moment and take a picture. ^-^ 


                                                                           A Busy Srtreet 
                                                              K A L Y E    C R I S O L O G O

                                                                      Sweet lullaby " kalesa "


                                                                       P A G U G U D P O D

                                                                  Trying to do our best post.

                                                                       W I N D M I L L S

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