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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Where Am I Right Now?!...

Oh, what a vivid memory. 
Even I close my eyes I can see it clearly.
I can tell you a story.
But please listen carefully.

Way back in my younger years.
I played with my peers.
We played in the rain.
And my happiness had gain.

I got stinky and dirty.
But my mom still love me dearly.
I got bruises and cry.
But at the end of the day i learned how to smile.

Years later,
I met another peers and even haters.
Life is getting a bit difficult now.
People will either praise or insult you somehow.

I did silly things.
And another silly things.
I act stupid.
Like Mr. Cupid.

Falling In love,
Finally, I recognized it.
Best feeling ever! A lot of people say it.
Yes, it's true and it's hard to explain.
But when you get broken, it double the pain.

There are times for a sleepless nights.
There are times that I want to give up.
And if I did that...

                                                                             - FelixD'Kat

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