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Saturday, November 3, 2012

So this is how I spent my All Saints Day!

                                                           What`s with the Cap!. A boyish look.

        To welcome the month of November, I started with this sporty thing called basketball that it took me so many attempts to shoot before i stop.
     After i got my first sweat on that ring as consider my warm up,we decided to try to play tennis.As you can see we are not exactly playing at the tennis court because as a beginner I need to learn first the basic rules, kaya ``walling`` daw muna. It`s alright! Soon I`m gonna be like a real player and not just only on wall.

       Atlast!.I got this floral pants just in time,thanks to my sister Razi. She bought this for me from BKK.

Traditionally, as Filipino we bring flowers and candles for our dead loved ones but others may offer some foods ( a slice of cake,cracker and water etc.) and that`s part of their beliefs no need to question just RESPECT.
And one of the most exciting part is when you go sit down on the top of the tomb.

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