I Believed. I Trust and I Love.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Limited Edition for the month of Love.

If you're looking for an answer just look straight into my eyes.
If you want to be happy just follow my smile,
If you are looking for a friend/gilfriend you can easily approach me.
If you want to do silly things "count me in ".
In case you want to ask for my advice i can spare you my time.
If you need help "financially" i can lend you some. (napasubo na ako he he}
If someone is looking for a cook,nanny,baby sitter,helper etc. refer me but not more than a day!. =D
If you are curious for my beauty tips i am willing to share those things. {ha ha ano daw?}
If  you have one wish i will be your genie in a bottle but please only the possible one ok!
And if you have ever done one of these make sure you do the same too. Don't worry valid only for this month of February.

                                                                             live . love . laugh

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