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Monday, May 12, 2014

Is it a Double Celebration?

  Yesterday was a Mother's Day Celebration and a month of  May is also her birth month so i guess its a double celebration though. So we went once again in Asiatique. If you still remember the first time i went there it was raining, good thing this time it wasn't. Well it's probably happier the second time around because we had enough time in window shopping and we enjoyed the view from the Riverfront. Hearing those splashed of waters while the boats are passing by are just like a music on my ears with a gentle breezed of air whispering me to keep calm. The weather yesterday was absolutely perfect.

 As you noticed i did not dress up that much because most of my clothes are now in my new work place in Pattaya City and with respect to the celebrant hindi ko na sya " sinapawan " =D

Two thumbs up in this classy but affordable Restaurant. Seriously am so in love with the style.  

And after a long time of walking around we finally bought something for ourselves ( The Necklace ). 

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