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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wanderlust: Silver Lake

Hello once again here on my blog ( it feels a little bit awkward now! ) It's been a while since I hold a pen and a piece of paper doing a scratch if  what would be my post title and what to write on my next entry. As always, thinking of what title would be fit in every entry is more difficult for me than what to write. ^-^  Now i'm sitting in front of my lappy doing simple editing, Yay! to be honest i love doing it. he he  Oh I really miss this kind of  a hobby...

And yes! it is October.  A second "ber" month of the year meaning end of the first semester. No students, no show ( we consider it as our own show every time we meet our students ). No students, less stress. And No students but we still need to go in school to finish some grades and the rest was doing nothing. But the good news was, no week ends. That's why my colleagues in our department planned a one day trip and be a tourist. =)

W E L C O M E    T O    S I L V E R L A K E    P A T T A YA
Over there is a grape field.

And on this side you can see the place where we'll heading for. In that orange building.

Let's take a walk and figure it out the view that running on my mind the first time i step on this place..

First view that caught my attention was this old standby van with a letter : " S i l v e r l a k e "   on top of it that makes it unique.

So this is the entrance place the one that i mention a while ago.
       From left: ( me, Ann our secretary in school/new found blogger, T. Aprille, T. Jen. T. Janet and T. Mary )

An epic group selfie, the one who took the picture is T.Mai aka John Lloyd. =D

So this is it. there's an entrance fee a hundred baht per head, then take a ride in this open window bus or a shuttle,actually i don't know what they call for this one.ha ha  silly me!.

Below: these are some photos that you can enjoy too when you visit this place.

                                                     Look at the dark clouds instead of me. he he

Free grape juice for everyone then throw the empty bottle in this wooden bin.
     Unfortunately we never had a chance to reach this big stone or in a famous named Laser Buddha because of the bad weather.

           And of course I will end up with my emo solo photos. =)

 Carpe Diem.

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